Executive Bios

Alan Tracy - President and Owner

Alan Tracy is the President of Barron Lighting Group, originally hired to build and develop a sales and marketing strategy for Exitronix, the oldest of the four brands making up the Barron Lighting Group. Alan spent over 13 years as the company’s Vice President of Sales prior to taking the role of President. As President, Alan oversees all responsibilities for each of the four divisions. To know Alan, you would quickly understand he has never been content with quick fixes or operational band aids. He uses his talents on solving problems effectively and getting returns as quickly as possible while leading company reinventions across the entire business platform. Alan is resourceful and innovative and always in search of new ways to improve manufacturing operations and to elevate best-practices.

With more than 20 years of sales, operational and manufacturing management experience, he understands how each part of the operation functions on a very deep level. He also knows that it is imperative to continuously change and evolve with the times, as technology, business dynamics and global awareness can create entirely new sources of opportunity for growth. Another lesson learned is that, above building profit, acquiring and retaining good customers and building relationships must be every team member’s primary goal.

His passions away from work include spending time with his three daughters, bass fishing, great food and doing anything outdoors.

Lou Goldman - CEO and Founding Officer

Lou Goldman is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Barron Lighting Group and one of the founding members of the company. Lou originally owned and operated Barron Lighting Group from 1973-2001, which had its early beginnings in Chicago, Illinois. He has been the CEO since 1973 and continues that 42 year streak to this day. He enjoys working with talented people and feels that they are the foundation to a successful business. His continued goal for the company is to develop talented individuals to leverage opportunities that keep the business and organization growing. Lou is very focused and resourceful in all he does. He believes creating a lucrative and thriving business is achieved by being reliable and responsive to the customers’ needs, as they always come first, and providing top notch product solutions to meet those needs.

Lou brings over 50 years of sales and management experience as a communicator, decision maker, leader and manager. He focuses on forecasting and administering high level decisions regarding the organization’s future, policies and strategies so the business can continue to thrive.

In his spare time, Lou likes skiing during the winter months, playing golf during the spring and summer months and traveling all over the world.

Adam Miller - CFO and Operational Administrator

Adam Miller is the Chief Financial Officer of Barron Lighting Group. His operational focus has been on developing and implementing strategic plans, increasing efficiencies by streamlining operations, preparing complex financial models and negotiating asset based financing for the business. He is primarily responsible for all financial reporting and cash management functions as well as overseeing the operational aspects of the company.

Adam brings over 25 years of consulting and industry experience. His goal is to increase profitable long-term growth by contributing new ideas, skills and efforts to revenue generating and cost saving initiatives. This forward thinking strategy will help ensure that the business has the capital necessary to fund new and continued growth.
He also builds and leads cohesive, productive and effective teams with positive reinforcement and open communication by applying technical, accounting and analytical skills to everyday opportunities. Adam has a grounded, experienced and objective perspective that enables him to effectively use his analytic and technical skills to solve complex problems.

Adam enjoys spending time with his wife, Lori and his dog Bella. He also spends time playing golf, poker and driving fast cars.

Heather McCune - Vice President of Sales Operations

Heather McCune, Vice President, Sales Operations at Barron Lighting Group, brings nine years of lighting industry experience to today’s diverse sales landscape. A long-time, dedicated team member, Heather is responsible for collaborating with Barron’s Marketing and Brand teams to achieve market penetration of Barron’s diverse suite of products.

Prior to her most recent role as Sales Manager, Heather was an Account Manager. In both roles, she consistently surpassed sales goals and helped Barron to earn its’ reputation for integrity, innovation and quality. Her strong sales ability and dedication to customer service made this promotion an easy decision for the management team.

As Vice President, Sales Operations, Heather directs the organization’s support investments in sales force effectiveness and manages functions essential to sales force productivity. These include planning, reporting, quota setting and management, sales process optimization, sales training, sales program implementation, sales compensation design and administration as well as recruiting and selecting sales force talent. Heather is responsible for the overall productivity and effectiveness of the sales organization in addition to fostering close working relationships with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the sales organization’s efficient operation and success.

Joy Moyer - Vice President of Brand Development

Joy Moyer, Vice President of Brand Development, is responsible for product management and engineering for all four brands. This new position is designed to deliver growth through new product development and strategic partnerships and brand initiatives.

Joy brings over twenty years of brand management experience in the electrical industry, thirteen of which she spent in the lighting market with Hubbell Lighting and Juno Lighting. Joy has a proven track record delivering business growth through her previous roles managing products, marketing, engineering and operations. Joy will lead the highly capable Barron brand teams to consistently deliver customer valued products and services to the markets we serve.

Our Vision...

To incorporate our cornerstones of integrity, innovation, quality and flexibility into every team member and product. We’ll constantly improve upon our reputation of delivering world-class service and leading edge lighting solutions that our customers want - when they need it.

Our Mission...

To exceed customer expectations. We’ll do this by maintaining consistent profitable growth and delivering exceptional product design, quality and value leading to an unparalleled customer experience.
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